First Special Service Force Association

The First Special Service Force was formed during World War II as a joint American-Canadian unit in July 1942.

 The Force is most noted for clearing the German forces from the mountaintops of the Winter Line in Italy, action at the Anzio Beachhead,  and is recognized as the first Allied unit to enter Rome .

Force Members - Mountain Combat

Receiving the Congressional Gold Medal

 In 251 days of combat, the FSSF suffered 2,314 casualties, 134% of its combat strength, captured over 30,000 prisoners, won five U.S. campaign stars, eight Canadian battle honors, and never failed a mission. In 2015 the United States Congress presented its highest honor, the Congressional Gold Medal, to the First Special Service Force. 

 In 1947 the First Special Service Force Association was formed to maintain the bond of friendship between members of the Force and to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in service of their countries.

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